How it works

Available on iOS and Android, the Made in Derby app is an integrated part of the Made in Derby floor plaque installation (Walk of Fame) along Albion Street and Exchange Street in Derby City centre. A total of 8 plaques celebrate a hero or heroine who were Made in Derby, as suggested by a public nomination. They are as follows:

  1. Bess of Hardwick
  2. John Hurt
  3. Rolls Royce
  4. Brian Clough & Peter Taylor
  5. Joseph Wright
  6. Louis Martin
  7. Alice Wheeldon
  8. Philip Noel-Baker

By using the app to scan the plaques, the particular Made in Derby star will be brought to life via augmented reality (AR). Their story, essence or achievement will take the form of purpose-made 3D and film content that appears in situ on the street, through your smartphone, for you to freely interact with. The plaques are made of iron, cast at a local foundry, and the inner star is composed of artfully grouted mosaic which displays the name of the Made in Derby person. Similar to a barcode, the contrasting black and white mosaic pieces render a highly effective and unique marker for the app to work with.

How it came to be

The idea for the Walk of Fame evolved from discussions between the Derby Telegraph, Derby City Council and local business leaders. The Made in Derby project was coined and conceived by CivicSpaces duo Tim Clapcott and Arnold Pollock, who specialise in interactive public-realm artworks. The project is a unified cross-disciplinary artwork that brings together digital and manufacturing processes. The floor plaques were produced by Sculptor, Tim Clapcott. The entire app design and content creation was by Arnold Pollock.

AR Content

Each of the 8 plaques required unique and relevant AR content that would depend on the general knowability of the person and access to potential media. Each piece of AR content was either created or attained by Arnold Pollock. For example, Rolls Royce plc gifted a 3D, animated model of the Trent XWB engine that powers the Airbus. Similarly, Derby Museums enabled us to use hi-res images of paintings by world-renowned artist, Joseph Wright. Wright’s most famous painting A Philosopher Lecturing on the Orrery was the inspiration for using a 3D Orrery.

AR Filmmaking Content

Chroma Key (green-screen) techniques were used for the Stars who were lesser known or historical and whose stories needed to be told or expressed in a more literal fashion via the use of actors.


The floor plaques informed elements of the app design to ensure visual continuity as a single artwork. Mosaic textures, typography and shapes were developed upon and jostled into a digital format that was distinct and punchy whilst referring to the 3D AR content within.


The project made local and national news, BBC East Midlands Today, BBC Radio Derby and  ITV Central. It was widely covered by the Derby Telegraph and made an impression on social media using the hashtags #madeinderby #derbywalkoffame. Below is a a video excerpt from BBC East Midlands Today covering the launch of the project.

Social Media impressions