Arnold Pollock stars as William in the lead role of this tense science-fiction drama. In the midst of a violent rebellion, William has chosen to raise his niece in a remote woodland, far from the battles fought by her revolutionary mother – but when the war comes to his doorstep, he must do all he can to keep his family safe.

  • WINNER of the *AUDIENCE AWARD* at Hyde Park Picture House
  • *OFFICIAL SELECTION Manchester International Film Festival*
  • *OFFICIAL SELECTION Anarchy Film Festival*
  • *OFFICIAL SELECTION DeSoto Film Festival*

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A young couple struggle to come to terms with a painful reality. Ben (played by Arnold Pollock) wants to talk but Grace just wants to get the vomit out of her hair and go to the party; some truths are just too difficult to accept.

  • *SEMI-FINALIST World of Film Festival Glasgow*
  • *OFFICIAL SELECTION International Film Festival of Wales*


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